Thank You For Your Support!

Laundry Love Citrus Heights is run 100% by volunteers. Generous donations are what fund our ability to provide this service to the community. ALL of the donations go towards paying for our. laundry events each month.

In a three hour period, we do a lot of laundry–every month. Fall and winter months increase the number of neighbors needing our assistance and the number of loads of wash per household also increases. And, when summer comes, it is time to wash those heavy clothes and store them for next winter. Your donation is needed to sustain our program. 

We have several options for you to help support our mission to serve the community, one load of laundry at a time.

Ways To Donate


You can use PayPay to set up a single or monthly donation to support Laundry Love Citrus Heights. Simply click the link below and you will be taken directly to the donation page and prompted to enter the amount you would like to give.

Amazon Smile

You can now donate to Laundry Love Citrus Heights (LLCH) while you shop on Amazon with the Amazon Smile program. Once it is set up on your account, this program allows us to benefit from all of the shopping you do on Amazon without any extra effort on your part. With LLCH designated as the charity of your choice, we will automatically receive 0.5% of all qualifying purchases. The donation is deposited directly into our bank account quarterly.  

50 Person Coffee Club

We are looking for 50 people to donate $10 per month for a year (or more!). This will help sustain LLCH and enable us to continue to support the community through our laundry events.

We will add your name to our list of contributors on this page unless you request to remain anonymous. Consider giving up one coffee shop coffee a week and donating this dollar equivalent to LLCH. 

  1. William Randolph 
  2. Denny Thompson
  3. John Drake
  4. Theresa & Paul Carey
  5. Steve & Caroline Roberts
  6. Dan Melligan 
  7. Jim & Ann Bennett
  8. Robert J Healy
  9. Keith & Carol Hartley
  10. Roland Candee
  11. Zoe & Steve Mann
  12. Brian Holbrook
  13. Michael & Susan Holbrook
  14. Chick and Zori Friedrich
  15. Tessie Williams
  16. Katherine Carlson
  17. Monte Leighton
  18. Mary Jo and Stephen Riehl
  19. Rick and Patricia Chang
  20. Johann Piff
  1. Ron Lingren
  2. Tim Bennett
  3. Emma Zaues
  4. Sharon Huntsman
  5. Sharon Friedrich
  6. Carol & Keith Hartley
  7. Mary Ann Avansino
  8. Jim &Cheryl Sewell
  9. Armando & Jonell Moreno
  10. John Swenson
  11. Bernard & Linda Gruneisen
  12. Little Soapworks

Laundry Love Citrus Heights Donor List

  • Jim & Ann Bennett – Michael & Susan Holbrook
  • Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church
  • Ron, Kathy & Joel Bauer
  • Jose Hernandez
  • Steve & Caroline Roberts
  • Theresa Carey
  • Chuck & Zori Friedrich
  • Davidson Family
  • St. Mel’s Cursillo, Fari Oaks, CA
  • Keith & Carol Hartley
  • Zoe & Steve Mann
  • Knights of Columbus Council #13672
  • Divine Savior Catholic Church, Orangevale, CA
  • Mike Knepshield
  • Ellen Tyler
  • Tom & Jan Adams
  • Sharon Friedrich
  • Don Milligan
  • Nancy Vivaldi
  • William Randolph
  • SHARE Institute Grant 2018 & 2019
  • Bob & Roxanne Sippel
  • John Angell and Emily Nahat
  • St. Claire’s Catholic Church, Roseville
  • Sharon Friedrich
  • Bayside Church Citrus Heights
  • Roland & Ellen
  • Candee
  • James and Cheryl Sewell
  • Faith Denis
  • Johann Piff
  • Rotary Club of Fair Oak’s Grant 2019
  • Mary Whitehill, DVM
  • Aman & Jonell Moreno
  • Bernard and Linda Gruneisen
  • Wouter & Debra Boudrez

If You Wonder How Your Donations Help, Here Is An Article Of a Recent Event Your Generous Donations Helped Us Support:

SHARE Institute Awards Grant to Laundry Love Citrus Heights

This is the fifth straight year LLCH has been awarded a SHARE grant, and at our March event, LLCH was also awarded two wonderful SHARE Institute Interns from American River College, Sara Altamimi and Alex Kapnik (pictured below), that helped place coins into the machines for our guests.

Laundry Love Citrus Heights was awarded a $500 grant from the SHARE Institute, a nonprofit organization that fosters the well-being and empowerment of individuals, organizations, and communities, both nationally and internationally, with respect and sensitivity for cultural and ethnic diversity. Please visit for more information about the SHARE Institute. Contributions from groups like the SHARE Institute keep LLCH running.  

Our interns at our March 11, 2023 second Saturday event.
March 11 volunteers (front) Ron and Jim; (back) Michael, Steve, Sara, Leslie, and Alex. Not pictured are Maria, John, and Jose.