Get Your Laundry Done

Our mission is to help low income neighbors get their laundry done, because clean clothes matter. We have two options to make that happen, in person or using the DexterPay app. We have partnered with Greenback Coin Wash in Citrus Heights, so guests must do their laundry at this laundromat in order to benefit from the Laundry Love Citrus Heights program.

In-Person Laundry Event

Laundry Love Citrus Heights hosts a free in-person laundry event on the second Saturday of every month. The event starts at 8:00am and ends at 11:00am. We provide the quarters and soap, you provide your laundry.

On the day of the event, here’s how it works:

  1. Bring your laundry to Greenback Coin Wash (7345 Greenback Lane) between 8:00am and 11:00am.
  1. Upon arriving to the event, get in line and you will be directed by one of the volunteers who will help move you through the process.
  1. Once your laundry is complete, please move outside of the laundromat so there is room to serve other neighbors.

DexterPay App

The washers and dryers at Greenback Coin Wash accept DexterPay. During the 20th TO THE 24th OF EACH MONTH, our code can be redeemed in the app for free wash/dry between 6am and 8pm. New codes are available on the 18th of each month and you will need to submit a new request to get the current codes. Please make sure you request the codes BEFORE you get to the laundromat as it may take some time for them to arrive in your inbox.

Make sure to enter the correct location, #620. The codes are good for 2 free wash cycles and 4 free dry cycles. Click below for help:

Use your DexterPay account information in the form below to obtain the codes for this month:

If you do not have cellular service, you can use the app by accessing the DEXTERPAY WiFi while in the laundromat. The password is paywithapp.